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Hot Wheels 1968 Sweet Sixteen Silhouette Spectraflame Green

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The Silhouette was released in the 1968 Sweet Sixteen series. It is considered the least valuable Hot Wheels car of 1968 because there were so damn many produced. Over the years, most examples of this casting have lost the engine. This one's engine is still attached, making it an excellent example of the form despite the cracked windshield.

Product Details


Manufacturer: Mattel

Brand: Hot Wheels

Release Year: 1968

Base Code:

Collector Number:

Toy Number:

Series: Sweet Sixteen

Series Number:

Vehicle Make:

Vehicle Model: Silhouette

Vehicle Year: 1962

Vehicle Color: Spectraflame Green


Wheel Type: RL

Base Type: Metal

Base Color: Spectraflame Green

Window Color: Clear

Interior Color: White

Country of Manufacture: