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Hot Wheels 1997 '80s Corvette 95522

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This car was modeled on the planned GM 1983 Chevrolet Corvette, but no 1983 Corvettes were produced for commercial sale. 43 prototype and assembly line test cars were made by early September 1982. Only one vehicle remains, and currently resides at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Corvette production resumed in January 1983, and a decision was made by GM to sell those cars as an early production run of '84 models. The hood opens!

Product Details


Manufacturer: Mattel

Brand: Hot Wheels

Release Year: 1997

Base Code:

Collector Number: 616

Toy Number: 95522-0910


Series Number:

Vehicle Make: Chevrolet

Vehicle Model: '80s Corvette

Vehicle Year: 1983

Vehicle Color: White

Tampo: Orange/Blue Streaks On Sides / Silver 2 Corvette On Sides / Gold HW Logo Back Window

Wheel Type: LW

Base Type: Plastic

Base Color: Black

Window Color: Clear

Interior Color: Blue

Country of Manufacture: China