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Hot Wheels 2021 HW Screen Time 02/10 Star Wars X-34 Landspeeder

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Luke Skywalker ran one of these beat-to-kaka landspeeders, racing the thrashed hoopty across the desert between the Lars homestead and outposts like Anchorhead and Tosche Station. The X-34's powerful repulsor-lift engine that allows it to float about a meter up, boosted with a trio of air-cooled thrust turbines.

Product Details


Manufacturer: Mattel

Brand: Hot Wheels

Release Year: 2021

Base Code: N85

Collector Number: 12

Toy Number: GRX16-M9C1A

Series: HW Screen Time

Series Number: 02/10

Vehicle Make: Star Wars

Vehicle Model: X-34 Landspeeder

Vehicle Year:

Vehicle Color: Copper

Tampo: Red Stripes, Scuffs, Weathering

Wheel Type: Micro5SP

Base Type: Plastic

Base Color: Copper

Window Color: Clear

Interior Color: Grey

Country of Manufacture: Malaysia